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School Closings Update

Was it Price that got off the original list of 20 schools? What's going to happen to Edison?


Urban Education

Security Cameras Vs. Behavioral Support

In the middle of a long article about the increasing use of security

cameras in urban school systems, I found a references to legislation

that Obama and Durbin introduced this summer based -- apparently on

prevention efforts that were used successfully in the 'burbs (here.).

"Private Money For Public Schools"

Here's that Eight Forty-Eight segment on the rise of foundations in Chicago that I did last week, for anyone who's interested:

Teachers and Teaching

What Teachers Make [Video]

This may not be as new to you as it was to me, but either way you should check

out this uplifting video of teacher-performer Taylor Mali describing what

he thinks when people look down on him for being a teacher.

Communities and CBOs

Getting Down To Each Block And Neighborhood


Media Watch

A New Byline At The Tribune

Some of you may have noticed a new byline on today's front page Tribune education story this morning -- Kayce T. Ataiyero. 33 comments

School Life

RIP, Charter Schools CEO Rod Joslin

"Rod Joslin, the CEO of

Perspectives Charter Schools, died this morning of cancer. He had

asymptomatic kidney cancer that spread quickly to his lungs. He died

just two weeks after the disease was diagnosed."

He Had A Dream

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