Best Of The Week (January 15-22)

Different Takes On The Lynch Announcement
much everyone covers the Debbie Lynch announcement at Gage Park HS from
yesterday (which, by the way, I wish someone had told me was coming),
but it's covered slightly differently by each outlet.

Cross-City Campaign To Close
Last week I started hearing that yet another Chicago-based education organization was closing its doors.

More About The "ISBE 40"
Theres this perception going around in the schools and in the press
that the group of
schools called the ISBE 40 are the worst when it comes to special ed
services -- that they all get F's -- but Im told today by some helpful
folks at central office that is actually not the

MacArthur Foundation's "New" Initiative
It has seemed at times and to various folks that the MacArthur Foundation has stepped back from urban school reform in Chicago -- a description they disputed in a recent Catalyst.

January Renaissance 2010 Report
The latest Ren10 newsletter is out, and this one opens with an inspiring quote from new schools "chief" (new title?) Hosanna Mahaley Johnson.

Chicago And New York City
A few folks have asked me to compare Chicago and NYC school systems, and even though I am much less familiar with New York than Chicago (and many of you are more expert in Chicago than I am) there are a couple of obvious things. Plus: Little People Go To Big Apple

Ending Tenure, Rating Principals
"Allowing teachers to help evaluate principals has been a
longstanding request of the teachers union," according to this
follow-up story on the recent changes announced in New York (see above).

32 Golden Apple Awards Finalists Announced
It's Golden Apple time for 32 finalists announced on Thursday, including a few from Chicago.

Breaking News
*Finalists in for Golden Apples Daily Southtown
*Open House Draws a Crowd Marshfield Tattler
*U. of I. cuts back its online proposal Tribune
*Alderman Wants Breakfast For All Schoolkids WBEZ
 *'It's gotten better, but it's bad' Sun Times

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