Best Of The Week (January 14-21)

High-Level Strife Inside Chicago Teachers Union

There has

apparently been a rift between CTU president Marilyn Stewart and her

former ally and supporter, Ted Dallas, the CTU VP who helped organize

her victories over Debbie Lynch the last two times out.

[new Dec 17 memo update!]

EXCLUSIVE: More Details On "Ren-10 2.0"

Following up on the previous post,

here are some more details about the closings-consolidations plan that

will be detailed next week that are sure to interest and/or enrage you. [new Dec 19 powerpoint file uploaded]

Chicago Bloggers On WTTW

There are a number of Chicago blogs out there, including Chicagoist,

GapersBlog, and the CTA Tattler, and WTTW's Chicago Tonight news show

recently had them on to talk about what they do and how they compete

with the mainstream press:

"Private Money For Public Schools"

What do you think -- do foundations play too big a role in CPS, at your school or in general?

Abandoned West Side High School Mystery

Got this via -- there's a series of pics of the school you can check out here. Anyone know what school it is, and what the history is? It doesn't look like Washburne to me.

Transit Cuts Could Affect Julian, Other Schools

The big Tribune cover story on the transit cut impacts includes mention of CPS students who take the bus and highlights the potential plight of Julian kids:

Union Magazine Now Available Online

For folks like me who haven't gotten the Chicago Union Teacher, it's

great to hear that the magazine is now coming out online (see December PDF).

Poverty Porn - Or Useful Insight?

The book title and jacket cover seem pretty over the top -- more poverty porn -- but this segment from NPR's Weekend Edition is still pretty engaging.

More Jazz For CPS

My dad's old band, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, is partnering with CPS

and the Louis Armstrong Foundation to bring music to the schools:

Best Local Web Site!

The February issue of Chicago Magazine lists District 299 as one of the best web sites in the city.

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