Best Of The Week (January 1-7)

Question Of The Week: Changes To NCLB?
In this post from last week the Reader's Harold Henderson asks the question of the week:
"President Bush's one big bipartisan legislative accomplishment will be
up for reauthorization in 2007...How
would you change the law, if at all?"

Why Oprah's School Isn't In Chicago
Wondering why Oprah didn't decide to build her new school here in the US rather than in South Africa?  Me, too.

Schedule E
People keep telling me that more schools are moving to a
year-round schedule, which I'm told is called Schedule E, and a friend
sent me this WBEZ audio segment about the trend.  Is your school year-round, or headed that way? 

Socializing Teachers At Sherman
The most notable thing about Julia McEvoy's pre-Christmas segment on the Sherman Elementary School experiment is that it
depicts tensions in schools and among teachers about how much time and
effort is required to "socialize" the kids. 

Breaking News
*Special-ed changes at the 'expense of children'? Daily Southtown
*An Open Letter to Arne Duncan Marshfield Tattler
*Illinois Gets Good Grade in Education Survey WBEZ
*Daley, Meeks unite for education change Sun Times
*Daley plugs tax swap to fund schools Tribune

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