Best Of The Week (Feburary 19-25)

Last Year's ISATs Arrive Just About The Same Time As This Year's (0 comments so far)
Isat_logo As the CPS memo below details, they're getting ready for the arrival of the 2006 ISAT results and the 2007 tests at roughly the same time. How convenient.

Ren10 Transfer Out Rates Half Of Other Schools (38 comments so far)
Lost in all the hullabaloo surrounding Hosanna Mahaley Johnson's departure announcement was the information she provided that Ren10 schools have roughly half the percentage of kids who transfer out during the year compared to regular schools, and also that Ren10 lotteries are public and audited (unlike magnet and selective enrollment, I think).

Did You Know...? (17 comments so far)
From Debbie Lynch:  Did you know that "...while the average CTU member pays $400 more per year in health care premiums under the current contract (two thirds of us chose a Base Plan), the average member earns $12,000 more per year in total compensation (salary  pension pick-up)?

Charter School Shell Game? (16 comments so far)
At Small Talk, Mike Klonsky complains that many charter and performance schools approved under Ren10 actually subcontract out to for-profit management organizations:

Reading First Pressured Rockford (4 comments so far)
There are two big stories about the federal Reading first program, and both include information about how federal officials pressured ISBE to make sure that districts like Rockford only did what they were supposed to do.

Tell Curie Documentary Students What You Think (3 comments so far)
I love it when I find out more people know about this blog than I realize, and that the blog is proving not just entertaining but actually somewhat useful.

Why Did Success For All Get Left Out? (1 comment so far)
The Reader's Harold Henderson posts about Bob Slavin's unfortunate experiences with Reading First (The Daily Harold).

Breaking News

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