Best Of The Week (February 4-10)

Riled Up At Ravenswood - New Principal Ousted

Apparently the school has experienced an influx of middle class parents, attracted in part by new principal Erin Roche a former Sabin and Telpochcalli teacher and New Leader

trainee whose contract was not renewed despite high parent survey

approval ratings last year. (100 comments)

Sibling Scandal Strikes City Lottery Program

As the lottery for next school year approaches, Chicago Public Schools

Chief Arne Duncan said the incident last fall was isolated and parents

can trust the lottery system.

Tribune Columnist Takes Over Snow Day Duties (3)

By winter's end, I predict that CPS will be asking Zorn to make snow day decisions for the city school system.

Pro-Community Turnarounds In LA - Thanks To Charter Law

While CPS is proposing to close and consolidate 19 schools due to low

performance and low attendance, Los Angeles Unified School District is

taking the opposite approach.

Special Ed Sub Scandal (21)

Are special ed subs being used to staff schools and get around IDEA rules that would otherwise apply to permanent hires?

Private Universities Helping Run Public Schools -- A Good Thing


embarrassingly small list of elite private universities that are

partnering with school districts to improve education is getting

slightly larger.

How To "Live" Blog From Your Phone

If you have a cellphone, you can "live blog" a hearing, or simply distract yourself from an interminable faculty meeting.

Michelle Obama's Neighborhood School

"There was nothing miraculous about my life. I went to the

neighborhood schools around the corner."

Principal Tells Surprised LSC He "Supports Ren-10"

Seventh-year principal Avery Szjen caused an uproar at a recent meeting

of the of Bellow High School LSC when he expressed his strong support

for Renaissance 2010 (13)

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