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Budget Delays Hamper School Decisions (16 comments so far)
I'm told that CPS has not yet sent schools their tentative budgets, which include the projections of how much discretionary money each school will have to work with, leaving LSCs and schools very little time to make key decisions.

Learning First, Yes; ISATs, No (13 comments so far)
In years past, CPS teachers distributed ISAT results to parents on the Report Card Pick Up Day in November, eight months after their children took the test. For whatever reason, that didn't happen in 2006.

Bad Math Over Virtual Charters (4 comments so far)
of the things that has ripped apart the charter schools movement has
been the arrival of virtual charters -- who provide most or all of
their educational services via the Internet and often to students from
anywhere in the state.

A "C" For Mayor Daley On Schools (14 comments so far)
Chicago blog The Beachwood Reporter recently gave the Mayor a "C" on school reform (Grading Daley: Part Two), based on findings from the Developing Government Accountability for the People report (which I'd never heard of).

What I Learned From The Catalyst Annual Report Card (8 comments so far)
There are lots of things I learned from the annual "report card" section of the February Catalyst...

Problem At Wells High School (5 comments so far)
Wonder why students are not learning at the rate they should? Is it because teachers need more training and regulation? No, that is not the answer.

Ren10 According To Wikipedia (2 comments so far)
Who knew that there was such an elaborate Wikipedia definition of Ren10?  Not I.

150pxwikipedialogoenbigChicago Education Reporters Win Awards (1 comment so far)
The Ed Writers Association has announced its 2006 journalism winners -- are there any surprises among the bunch?

Under-Reporting & Not Addressing Discipline Incidents (6 comments so far)
Six days ago a Phliadelphia high school teacher had his neck broken by two students after he confiscated an iPod. There's already been a post on this blog about that incident, so I won't rehash it. However, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports today on the findings of a study on the District's student disciplinary system.

Louder Than A Bomb 2007
The WBEZ weekly email reminded me that Louder Than A Bomb 2007 is underway, culminating in next weekend's finals:

Breaking News
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*Chicago High School Does Things Its Own Way WBEZ
*Hard recovery for failed US schools Christian Science Monitor
*How delayed scores are putting students at ISAT disadvantage The Beacon News

Want To Help Out? We Want You To.
Slowly but surely, folks who want to help grow this site have been
coming forward -- whether they know "how" to blog or not.  That's
great.  All it really takes is passion for Chicago schools, some
interest or willingness to learn, and a little bit of time sharing what
you know.

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