Best Of The Week (February 11-19)

IL Test Data Delayed -- Again, Again
According to this ISBE notice, the release date for last year's test data is being delayed again -- for an unspecified time.

Breaking News: Hosanna Hightails It To Hot-Lanta (24 comments so far)
Breaking News:  As several of you guessed (or already knew), it's Hosanna Mahaley Johnson, former education adviser to the Mayor, Duncan chief of staff and current Ren10 head, who's leaving next month...

Meet Jimm Dispensa, CPS's Director of Demographics & Planning (1 comment so far)
Dispensa There are at least three reasons to check out this Reader article (How to Win Friends and Influence Elections):  its main subject Jimm Dispensa (pictured) is the director of demographics and planning for CPS (aka, the "new" Giacomo Mancuso);

The Vallas Rollercoaster Continues (18 comments so far)
A day after publishing a news story that Vallas might get the ax at the end of the school year, the Philadelphia Daily News comes back with an editorial supporting Valllas and thrashing the School Reform Commission for wanting Vallas out.

A Blind Item For A Tuesday Afternoon (36 comments so far)
I usually try and avoid "blind" items, but I cant' get anyone to confirm this one, so here goes:

School, Yes, Bus Service, No (31 comments so far)
From CPS:  "The Chicago Public Schools will be open on Wednesday, Feb. 14, but there will be no bus service.  Students who normally ride the bus may attend their neighborhood school."

Curie Update (2 comments so far)
The discussion about what was -- and should -- go on at Curie HS has been one of the most interesting and extensive debates that have ever taken place on this blog, and I'm really proud of all the input and interesting perspectives that were shared...

Reader Columnist Mourns Loss Of NCBG -- Announces March 15 Party (0 comments so far)
Forget the schools -- what will The Reader's Ben Joravsky do without the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group, whose analyses of TIF have bolstered many a Joravsky column?

Eight Forty-Eight On Education (3 comments so far)
If you missed it yesterday AM or PM, the education segments on WBEZ's 848 can be listened to anytime on your desk computer or laptop here:

Breaking News

*School that is making strides is targeted for closure
*Bill limits Web sites at schools, libraries
*All eyes on S. Side school's curriculum
*The lowdown on an ugly intersection
*Daley and Suburban Mayors Plan for Education Funding Reform

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