Best Of The Week (December 3-10)

The week's big posts -- numbers indicate current number of comments from readers:

Campaigns & Clout
"Duncan Donuts"
The Rise Of The [Illinois Early Childhood] Machine 2
Arne's Early Holiday Gift 4

125 C. Clark Street
Walkthroughs -- For Principals 12
Chicago Blogger Critiques High School Transformation 9
CPS Slow In Firing, Reporting Teacher Abuses

School Life
Progress Reports, School Improvement Planning, and Learning First 2
Students, Guns, Schools, Death 3

Parents Want To Know
Which Elementaries Send The Most Kids Where? 22

Teachers & Teaching
Lotsa Nationally Certified Teachers -- Do I Care? 21
Annoying Types Of Students
The Infuriating Smile 2

Communities and CBO
20th Anniversary Of PURE Tonight 5
December Catalyst Covers ELLs

Media Watch
Thankful For Will Okun
CPS Calls Teacher Misconduct Story A "Gross Distortion" 4

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