Best Of The Week -- December 18-25

Question Of The Week: Best Principal In The CityCandles_1

Lots of interesting names submitted -- not all the same old same old.

Teachers & Students, Part 540
Another case of teachers fooling around with kids.

New Chief Of Staff Bashed On Illinoize
Concerns about his record at DCFS

If Brown Only Had A Chance
There are some candidates running against Daley -- really.

Magnet Deadline Today
Did you get your kid's application in on time?

 Learning First Tests, 2nd Time Around
I like to call them the "pre"-ISATs.

Lost Federal Funding For Charters
 Illinois is losing charter funding, according to the Trib editorial page.

More About Charters
KIPP takes over the world.

Foundation Folks On The Move
For those of us who follow foundation folks like they were movie stars.

Urban Debate.. Inspired By District 299

Turns out WBEZ got there first, but still a good story.

Three Takes On Special Ed Changes
Ongoing concern and coverage of the SPED cuts and CPS.

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