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Willing To Work For $125,000?

This guy, Zeke Vanderhoek, will pay teachers $125K at a new school being set up in a poor Dominican part of Manhattan.

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Obama Education Funding Requests

You usually never see these things, but Obama released his today under pressure from Clinton and McCain and the press.(2) Comments

New Catalyst Issue Online

School budget forecast: cloudy

Wednesday Morning News: (15) Comments

What To Do When Students Ask For Help?

There's a scene in the HBO drama "The Wire" where a former student

comes back to his old elementary student to see a favorite teacher and

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Who Is The "These Kids" Teacher At Dodge?


press is having a field day looking into Hillary Clinton's "red phone"

3 am ad -- first finding out that the little girl (now teenager) who is

pictured in the ad is an Obama supporter, and now pointing out that

some of Clinton's "experience" wasn't all that substantive ("Red Phone Moments" In Bosnia).

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Questions About Obama & LSCs


to help me with an article I'm researching on what Obama did or didn't

do during the 1999 Vallas attempt to revamp the LSC law that was


"Potholes" Study Coming Out Today

"This report reveals that a majority of Chicago Public

Schools graduates—even those with top grades and test scores--do not

successfully navigate the daunting process of enrolling in four-year


and too often default to schools for which they are overqualified.


students are most at risk of not enrolling in college. Many students


derailed by complex federal financial aid requirements." (5) Comments

Obama Gets Schooled

I read Josh Pasternak's new article about Barack Obama's school reform credentials ( Reform School)

with mixed feelings, not just because I'm working on my own Obama piece

about his work in Chicago on education but also because I'm not sure Pasternak's analysis is altogether compelling.(1) Comments

New Trier Hack Job

"The intent, according to

investigators, was to obtain grades and ACT scores to determine class

rank and share it with other students." (1) Comments

New Leaders Pats Itself On The Back -- Again


never got any response from New Leaders about their attrition rates --

and still wonder what the hell Erin Roche's mentor was doing for him at

Ravenswood -- but it seems that New Leaders folks are all about the

self-congratulations, and so they do have a new report out about "the

patterns and techniques evident in low-income, urban public

schools making dramatic gains in student achievement." (2) Comments

Great Debate In Chicago


competition was part of the After-School All-Stars, a pilot program

organized by Chicago Public Schools with help from the National

Association of Urban Debate Leagues and the Chicago Debate League."

Announcement: Big Job - New Organization

The attached nine-page PDF is as much an organizational statement as it is a job announcement.

Comings & Goings (Early Bird Preview)

Just for fun, let's do

it as a series of blind items. (18 comments)

A Peek Into Ren-10

Here's the March Ren10 report, which always gives an interesting peek into the world of new schools.

PLUS: Daily news, weekly blog roundups, and -- still -- lots of comments on the CTU and Special Ed issues.

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