Best Of The Week (April 8-15)

Vallas To Leave Philly -- For New Orleans? (41 comments so far)
Not entirely surprising. I'm not sure what his legacy will be here.  Some improvement, but he's leaving with the schools in a serious, serious financial crisis. I'd give him a C.

Let Them Eat Charters (22 comments so far)
Realizing that they need to go on the offensive rather than just fighting off attempts to limit charters even further, charter proponents (in this case Elizabeth Evans of INCS) take on the issue of raising the charter cap here:

Did Daley's Press Secretary Intervene For A Friend? (10 comments so far)
Is Daley press secretary Jackie Heard (pictured) the reason -- besides convenience and political opportunity -- that Mayor Daley came out so strongly against the Curie LSC in support of principal Jones?

 CuriemapWhat I Learned At Last Night's Curie LSC Meeting (22 comments so far)
The folks I felt worst for last night were the parents, LSC members, and folks who attended who had been told or thought that there was going to be a quorum, which of course there was not.

Why Reporters Don't Use Ed Research (18 comments so far)
1smdscn4093 The thing that jumped out at me at the Tuesday panel I did with Stephanie Banchero from the Tribune and former USA Todayer Larry McQuillen is how overwhelmed education reporters are with press releases about studies coming out that day -- useless, pretty much, to her -- and how the difficulty in figuring out what research is solid leads folks like Stephanie to pretty much ignore research altogether.

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