Best Of The Week (April 30 - May 6)

Premium Financial Services: Only Dr. Phil Can Help (33 comments so far)
A reader writes in:  "I have this fantasy that ARNE appears on the Dr. Phil show after Dr. Phil has visited some of our most troubled schools and interviewed those principals...The Dr. Phil-Arne fantasy does calm me down."

May Ren10 Newsletter (27 comments so far)
The May Ren10 newsletter is out -- see below.  Tell us if there's anything fascinating, objectionable, or othewise notable in there.  I can't bear to read it right now.  Need more coffee.

Will LSC Changes Go Anywhere? (8 comments so far)
As predicted, LSC reform is now in the mix downstate, along with charter schools, school funding, and the residency requirement (among other things).  I haven't seen the specific proposal language, but it sounds like some sort of approval process for non-renewals, to replace the current appeals process ...

Parent Councils In New York
Speaking of LSC changes, take a look at what's happened to the parent councils in NYC that used to have budget and other controls but are now mostly advisory:

April 2007: The Month In Review (1 comment so far)
Want to know what Chicago education reporters are thinking about?  Check out the "Month In Review" for April 2007 with Veronica Anderson (Catalyst), Jay Field (Chicago Public Radio), and Stephanie Banchero (Chicago Tribune).

School Trends From Elsewhere (10 comments so far)
It's not about CPS, but that doesn't make it uninteresting:

Vallas On Deck In New Orleans (6 comments so far)
Looks like Vallas is headed south. Is this a good fit for him? Come in with a lot of energy, try to turn things around and then move on the next project.

Journalism Excellence Awards
Congrats to all my colleagues and friends who won Lisagor awards for their reporting and writing work during the past year...

CTU Reverses On Blago Plan (2 comments so far)
From the CTU:  "A compromise has been reached on the issues with the governor's funding bill...In 2007, Illinois elected leaders have an opportunity to significantly change major state policies regarding education funding and pension security.

Breaking News

*Schools pull plug on high-tech cheating gizmos -- Zunes, iPods Sun-Times
*Escalating violence grips Gage Park High Sun-Times
*2 distinct schools, 2 Emmys Tribune
*Alumni groups targeted for ties to loan firm Tribune

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