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Last Week's Board Meeting

It's hard to tell what will be big from last week's Board meeting from the agenda.
Some possibilities include the changing of the LVHS/Farragut
attendance areas, a new principal evaluation procedure, and changes in
the restructured day calendar. 

Back And Forth About The Chicago Teachers Pension Fund
The CTU has released a statement in response to a weekend Sun Times report about the CTPF.

Principal Pipeline For TFA Alums In Area 14 (Englewood)
Education Week's Lynn Olson has a new story out this week about how TFA
is partnering with Chicago and a couple of other districts to train TFA
alums to be principals

What To Make Of National Vs. State Test Gap?
This week's national test scores for Illinois were up slightly but not as much as
the rest of the country and they're not nearly as good as the state
test scores tell us schools are doing.

The Whitney Young Mystery
Was it clout that got Michael Jordan's son Marcus a coveted spot at
Whitney Young Magnet High School this fall?

A New Contract, A New Picture

Here's the new official picture of Marilyn Stewart that CTU just sent out, for your viewing pleasure. 

Differentiated Discipline -- Is It Time?
Lost in the hubbub surrounding the release and interpretation of
this year's NAEP scores (yawn) is a fascinating and powerful story in
the Chicago Tribune about what happens when researchers analyze another
kind of performance -- suspension rates -- by race and poverty groups.

A Chicago Teacher's Voice In The New York Times
been remiss in not posting something earlier about Chicago teacher Will
Okun, whose writing and photography is being posted on the New York
Times website as part of Nick Kristof's "On The Ground" series.

More Cash For Ren-10 Schools 
Check out the attached email from the Renaissance School Fund
announcing nearly $4 million in additional funds to support the operation of 23 Renaissance 2010 schools. 

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