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"Behave bureaucrats, it's testing week." Small Talk
Yes Arne, it's that time of year again. From March 12-23, teachers
should focus on instruction and the central office should--only
temporarily of course--respect schools' need for 'minimul intrusion"
and unnecessary meetings. After testing week, we can get back to normal.

My First Book of Skepticism Daily Harold (Reader)

Books for skeptical parents who want to raise skeptical children.

Big Picture Launches Website Marshfield Tattler
other Big Picture news, I heard from a principal at another CPS small
school that Big Picture led the small high schools in math gains! I'm
hoping to get the data and post it here in future.

Contract Round Up Time Chicago Teachers Speak Out
As the CTU contract is about to end and a new one to begin, I thought a few words were in order.

A Taxing Day in Springfield Chicagoist
Coming as part of his combined State of the State and budget address
to the General Assembly yesterday, Blago is proposing the largest tax
hike in state history.

Teach and Learn, Teacher X, and several other Chicago education blogs are AWOL.

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