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Good news PURE Thoughts

Wow - this week is getting off to a very positive start with this Tribune story about Quinn Rallins, a Rhodes Scholar who graduated yesterday from Morehouse College.

That's what you call a public protest Clout City

The Woodlawn Organization, which bused people to Thursday's Plan Commission

meeting to cheer on the Chicago Children's Museum, has one significant

source of revenue: you, the taxpayer.

Fast Times Around Richards High Marshfield Tattler

About 12:35 or so today, I was walking past Richards High School and saw

three kids hanging out the first floor windows south of the main

entrance. I believe it was two girls and a boy, looking down and

talking to three or four young people (all male?) on the street below.

Changing jobs? TEN

Math teacher and blogger Dan Meyer is looking for a new job, and has

put together his dream criteria.

Senioritis Chicago Teacher Man

It's hard to get motivated to do anything these days ...

The weather's slowly getting better. The students are restlessly staring at the calendar.

I'm tired. Tired of having the same conversation with seniors.

Focus on small schools Small Talk

As usual, Bush is running the wrong way on education reform. Now he's trying to kill the smaller learning communities program -- probably the only successful high school reform program in the DOE's arsenal.

Chicago Educates its OwnPrincipal Power


report addresses several key issues related to charter schools using

student-level data provided by Chicago Public Schools. The Economist’s

May 8th article similarly praised the Chicago experiment: R

Labor researcher checks Barack's roots Union

News [for Mike]


"sent" Obama?

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