Belated Swine Flu Notification

A teacher at Logandale sent me this email from the principal from earlier today -- apparently almost a week after the student's disease was discovered:

is to let all staff know that a parent has reported that one of our
students has a case of H1N1 virus (swine flu). As required, I have
reported the case to the Office of Specialized Services and the the
Area 6 office. I have been advised that our students and staff are not
in any imminent danger of contracting swine flu. The infected student
will remain out of school the required number of days and will not
return to school without a doctor's note saying that it is safe for the
student to return.

"Meanwhile,you do not need to tell the students that we have had a case of swine
and, in the interest of confidentiality, you should not give out
the name of the student if you happen to know who he/she is. However,
you should remind them that they can still get swine flu and that they
need to keep taking proper precautions--wash their hands thoroughly
with soap and water whenever they have the chance, cover their mouths
when they cough or sneeze, and wipe this hand off afterward with a
tissue or use hand sanitizer to clean it. Students with any flu-like
symptoms (cough, fever, upset stomach, etc.) should be sent down to the
office. "

Can anyone confirm the email? What are the timely notification requirements for school principals (and CPS) when it comes to swine flu? I know they're not closing down whole schools any more, but what's happened at other schools with swine flu cases? Is it true that principals and teachers don't have to tell the kids (or parents)? I understand the need not to panic people unnecessarily, but how about protecting teachers and parents who may have been exposed?

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