Barbara Buell Sets Up Shop

BbuellFormer Chicago Panel ED and longtime educationista Barbara Buell has set up shop as an independent education consultant and recently announced a new website, Iss  Check below for more details.

From Buell:

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between
a struggling organization and one that makes a significant impact and has an
effective leadership?


might be the quality of support and sound advice they receive – take a look at
these examples.


An organization tried for some time to put a plan in
place for one of its programs – they even hired a full time staff person for a
while – still no plan. Then
someone on the staff met me. He figured it was worth one more try. So
with a really tight contract that allowed the agency to pull the plug at any
time, he hired me. In a matter of weeks I produced exactly what they had been
looking for!


Another organization had a retreat to define an
organizational structure its leader could more easily explain to funders and
other constituents. The retreat
ended with 4-5 large easel-pad sheets filled with brainstorming notes and
a sense of frustration at not being able to simplify it all.  He called me in and within days I was
able to synthesize, diagram, and categorize their work – just the help he needed
to move the organization forward.


Thanks for taking a moment to browse my
website. Please forward it to an organizational leader who can use the
experienced, effective, strategic planning and mentoring support you have come
to expect from me.





Barbara Buell

5415 N. Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60640


773-784-9344 voice

773-326-0712 fax

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