Banchero Death Story Makes National News

Stephanie Banchero's Tribune story about student deaths made the national news yesterday in the form of a segment on NPR (Chicago Schools Suffered 27 Deaths in 2006).  "Stephanie Banchero, education writer for The Chicago Tribune,
tells NPR's Michele Norris that 20 students have been shot to death
over the past year - the highest number since district officials
started counting nine years ago. The other seven were beaten, stabbed
or suffocated to death. Banchero visited the schools they attended and reports how their deaths affects the teachers and the other children."

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  • Kathy,

    The person who commented on your blog was not correct. The teenager she mentioned, Marcel Collins, was included on our list (as were at least 3 other charter school children.)

    But we suspect our list is not totally complete. If anyone out there knows of other CPS students who were killed this year (murdered), please let me know. We want to write about all of them. But there is no central clearing house for the data


    Stephanie Banchero

    Chicago Tribune

    Education Reporter

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