Bad Math Over Virtual Charters

One of the things that has ripped apart the charter schools movement has been the arrival of virtual charters -- who provide most or all of their educational services via the Internet and often to students from anywhere in the state.  Look to Ohio if you want to see how intense that war has become.  Makes Illinois' charter situation look like a playdate.  But virtual charters are coming to Illinois, and the fight over them is going to be fierce.  It would help if everyone could get their math together, however, as pointed out in this Colin Hitt piece in edspresso (Fighting Online Charter Schools in Illinois).

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  • What's wrong with a virtual charter? The way the one in Chicago runs, don't the children have to come in once a week to an actual facility to make sure they're keeping up? This might be a good option for children who simply can't attend a regular school (e.g. health reasons or maybe they are employed as actors or models) but whose parent is not quite up to forming curricula as a home schooling parent.

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