Background Checks & Charter Schools

Close readers of this site have noted that the name Josef Nurek comes up here and there, mostly in comments from George about how charter schools aren't adequately supervised:

""Chicago charters have been hiring anyone -- from the "top" on down --

without any accountability except to the charter operator. The world of

Chicago charter staffings is as deregulated as the mortgage markets

were until the recent crashes began."

Curious about who Nurek is, I took a quick look around the Internet and found some basics. Click below for what I found. In brief, Nurek is a pedophile whose arrest in Michigan wasn't caught

in a background check when he moved to Chicago and started working at a

charter school here (CICS Belden). Eventually he was caught and his

background exposed (Ex-Principal Gets 20 Years For Child Porn).

I share George's outrage at pedophiles being allowed to work in

schools, but schools of all kinds struggle to screen out criminals of

various kinds, and it's not clear that Nurek's hiring wouldn't have

happened at a regular district school.

This article points out that states usually only screen for convictions, not arrests (Schools, Granholm pledge to curb abuse by teachers). By all accounts, Nurek was given a background check as required by law.

It's also not clear that Nurek had any clout, or that charter schools are any slower to report problems than district schools.

Most interesting among the references I found was this site, which

includes comments from former students and colleagues who taught with

Nurek: Teachers and Trash Education.

Maybe you know more, or have some background on the guy, or have some thoughts about this?

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