Back To School ... For This Blog

I'm back after a two-week break from daily posting -- sorry for the absence and for the confusion that came from the things that I did put up to fill the time and give readers space to comment. Thanks for hanging in with me.

I'm excited to be starting the new school year -- my fifth (can you believe it) running this blog (the other has been around longer) and my third since moving East. Thanks as always to all of you who read and share ideas and information here. It's the best education blog that I know of. Seriously. Your part, not mine. And thanks to Catalyst for sponsoring the blog so that I can afford to maintain it and make it better.

As for the new year, well, so far at least absolutely no improvements to the site content or functionality have been implemented. But they will be soon. We're working on a better list of blog posts on the front page of Catalyst. I'm crossing my fingers for a gizmo that will let you follow a particular comment thread and get an email when it's updated. If you want. And I'm working on getting some better field reporting and original information into the site. You know, journalism.

So welcome back, and thanks again. Anything you're excited about or looking forward to, feel free to let us know. About the pitchpipe? I'm trying to organize an a cappella signing group.

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