Back To Ayers (And Other Great & Infamous Types)

Bill Ayers' planned talk to high school students has been canceled for "safety reasons."

Meantime, Chicago Magazine reveals that Bill Ayers didn't keep entirely quiet during the run-up to the election:

"While the pundits and bloggers jousted over Ayers’s 1960s radicalism,he sparred online with [conservative commentators] in competing postings to the education-policy blog Eduwonkette."

If the press had gotten (a)hold of the education commentary they would have made it into a big deal and hurt Obama with it even more. Fun!

What do you think? Illustrious figure? Profound educator? Disgraced dinosaur? Goofball? Would you want him teaching your kids? Where would you put him in the the Klonsky-Vallas-Kotlowitz-Duncan-Rosalind Rossi pantheon of great and infamous Chicago education types?

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