AVID: Helpful, Or Just Getting In The Way?

From a high school music teacher concerned about AVID courses pushing out electives:

"Not only are we paying hundreds of dollars per student for AVID out of our discretionary funds, but the AVID freshmen will have to use 4 electives throughout high school on the AVID study skills class.

"This basically precludes kids from taking a second year of music, dance or art, a third year of Language or PE and other "academic" electives from debate, Academic Decathalon, and Film Studies to journalism and philosophy.

"AVID in and of itself is not a bad idea, but when it comes at the price of limiting students' choice, people may be interested."

Is AVID working in your school, far as you can tell, or preventing kids from things that they would be better off doing instead?

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