Autonomous Schools Meeting & Other Interesting Emails

Pocket_protectorA friend sends in this snippet from an AMPS email -- I'm wondering if anyone went, what this school performance policy is going to look like, who Jen Bolson is, and whether there are any other interesting emails and announcements out there?

If so, send them in -- as a comment, or to me at Alexander Russorusso at gmail dot com.

Invitation to Lunch Focus Groups on Principal Incentives and Support

Central Office is working on the development of a school “Performance
Policy. This policy would help us decide what kind of support to
offer to schools based on academic performance. We would like to discuss
this policy with you in order to understand how such a policy might impact
your work as AMPS principals, and any questions and concerns you might have,
so that we can best address those concerns going forward.

We are particularly interested in incentives for principals and schools,
either to encourage action or to reward results. We would like to discuss
with you how incentives (or the removal of disincentives) currently impact
the choices you make for your school. The hope is that from discussions like
this with principals across the district, we will understand how to better
support principals at the school level, in order to help the Central Office
design incentives and support that will mean something at the school level
and minimize cost and effort at the school and district level.

We are holding a lunch discussion for high school principals on Tuesday,
July 24th from 12:00-2:00 at Kelvyn Park (4343 West Wrightwood Avenue). Food
will be provided. Please RSVP to Jen Bolson at by
July 23rd to let us know if you will attend. APs are also welcome. We plan
to have additional lunches for both elementary and high schools, so if you
are interested in sharing your feedback, please contact Jen to let us know.

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