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The Chicago Teachers Union has called for a moratorium on Chicago school closings. Do you think there should be one?.

"I would have to say I'm kind of on the fence with that. Part of me

feels with my children - I have school age children - I wouldn't want

my children's school to close. If it is an underachieving school, I

would love for reform to come in and to change and begin to move the

school in a new direction with the leadership. However, at the same

time I do feel as though in some cases, if it is an underachieving

school after so long where they have had different reform measures,

where the school board has been changed, where the teaching council and

the parent council have stood and said ok we've tried all we can so it

is time to close the school. I think that it would be advantages to

explore another option for the children if it is not helping where they

are." (Chinyere


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