AUSL & Sherman ES: A New Type Of Takeover

Here's an interesting peek at how the Ren-10 folks are describing what's going to happen at Sherman:

From the March Ren10 Newsletter:  "Arne Duncan, CEO
of the Chicago Public Schools, will recommend on March 22nd that the
CPS Board appoint the Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL) to lead the
first No Child Left Behind Turnaround School. If approved, AUSL will
staff and open the recently reconstituted Sherman Elementary School...This model is an
exciting opportunity to transform one of the lowest-performing schools in the

It's a new breed of intervention (NCLB turnaround school).  It's
something that neither CPS nor any of the EMOs have wanted to do in the
past.  And it's a contrast to how it has been described by
CPS folks in in the context of school closings over the past few months.

Download REN10ReportMarch2006.doc

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