AUSL Responds

I asked AUSL to respond to a couple of points in yesterday's WBEZ story (see Monday's news roundup) that were related to teacher preparation and continuity for turnaround kids. Here's what they had to say.

WBEZ: "But many of these teachers, like Hatchett, are

barely tested."

AUSL: "Most teacher residents like Simone Hatchett are new to teaching,

but exceptional candidates due to AUSL’s rigorous acceptance and training

process. AUSL

accepts fewer than 18% of the hundreds of candidates who apply. During the school year they spend

four days per week with a mentor teacher in a CPS classroom. First year AUSL teachers are much better prepared than typical new

teachers. In any new AUSL turnaround school, the core teaching staff

typically features about 50% new AUSL graduates and 50% experienced teachers."

WBEZ: [Quoting a teacher] "These 25 kids are going to have to see someone completely

different. They’re going to walk into a school where they know no adults.

No adults."

AUSL: All staff and faculty at the turnaround schools may re-apply for

their jobs, but typically very few do. For example, at the Harvard School

of Excellence four of 21 teachers re-applied and three were brought back.

Each school is different. At some we brought back one or two staff but no

teachers, at others we brought back a few teachers... When the students return to school in September,

they’re likely to be greeted at the door by a neighbor or the parent of a

friend. That’s because AUSL makes sure that each school’s principal

and teaching staff start reaching out to the community during the spring, long

before school is back in session."

Anyone have direct experience with AUSL trainees or graduates? Are they any good? Anyone know any CPS teachers who apply for and stay on at AUSL turnaround schools? Does that work?

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