AUSL Residents Being Forced To Work Turnarounds?

What's it like to be an AUSL resident these days? A little bit like a roller-coaster ride, I'm guessing. The residents signed up for one thing -- a high-quality residency and then placement in teams in low-performing CPS schools -- and then halfway into the year find out that they may get assigned to (or have to stay at) a CPS turnarounds, with all the emphasis on tests and accountability -- and, some would say, bad karma -- that comes with that.

Why so? Well, AUSL needs residents for its turnaround schools -- can't have AUSL turnarounds without AUSL teachers. [They took over Sherman, and then Harvard, and have now

agreed to take on a slew of additional schools (Morton, Howe and Orr, I

think).] Principals who want AUSL grads can't have them since AUSL is shifting partner schools.

According to a spokesperson, "AUSL’s cohort of

specially trained new teachers are an important component of staffing new

turnaround schools. They are complemented by other staff with longer teaching

experience...AUSL’s placement decisions are made

with input from the teachers being placed; but the final decision on placement

lies with AUSL."

What do you think? Should AUSL residents have to teach where AUSL tells them -- even if that's a shifting set of schools -- or should they be able to go where they want as long as it's a low-performing school?

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