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CTU joins elected school board petition drive PURE


Chicago Teachers Union will distribute copies of the petition for an

elected school board at their Delegates' meeting this Wednesday.

Pride for Our School (and some anger for those who don't get it) Chicago Moms Blog

I'm angry that families in my neighborhood, and even on

my block, who could also send their kids to this school and dedicate

their time and resources to this school, instead choose to send their

kids to private schools.

Unfortunate rumor Drummond School


1, 2008

Dear Parents,

It has come to our attention that several of our families are under the

impression that they will need to leave Drummond or make other plans

for the future if they do not live in the neighborhood of the school.

Please understand that nothing could be further from the truth.

Happy when it rains Chicago Teacher Man

We were off to our annual camping trip, twenty students and their gear piled into two cars and a 15-passenger van.

Life in the Ownership Society Small Talk

Susan Graham, a Fellow of the Teacher Leaders Network, pans Checker Finn’s self-aggrandizing autobiography and sticks a pin in his over-sized ego in this Teacher magazine review. Graham reveals Finn as an unreflective boob, a failed educator, who now trades on his connections.

Death Comes to Marshfield Avenue Marshfield Tattler


what the articles won't tell you. Jason was the kind of young man who

would wish you a blessed day. He was a short guy with a sparkly stud in

each ear and the big smile he inherited from his mother. In a

neighborhood where most kids don't make it through high school, he had

graduated from Perspectives Charter Schools South Loop campus. The last

I heard he was working for UPS.

Vallas for Governor? Division Street

Can anyone doubt now that Paul Vallas would have been a better governor than Rod Blagojevich?

Remember that being included here doesn't imply my support or an endorsement.

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