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2007_06_askchicagoHere are some recent posts from local education blogs that caught my eye: 
Over at Small Talk, Mike Klonsky takes on a recent NYT article about NCLB's impacts in LA (NCLB and the myth of "dysfuntional" communities).  The saga of life on one Back Of The Yards street continues in The Marshfield Tattler (Yup-yup and Dorothy On My Stoop).  The PURE blog tells us about a new LSC support effort and a weekly event (Tuesday 10/16 is LSC Fax Day!).  CPS parent (and D299 contributor) Kathy talks about a visit with her kids to the Chicago Botanic Garden (The Opposite of School).  Potential teacher Matthew Milam describes a visit to a CPS job fair and the challenges of finding a good teacher prep program (Amazing What A Google Can Do).

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