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Hearings Continue on School Turnaround Plan WBEZ


hearings continue this week on plans to turnaround some low-performing

Chicago schools and close or consolidate others that are under-enrolled.

SIPAAA information available on line and at school Pritzker Blog

Check out how our SIPAAA committee

plans to improve our school. Your comments are welcomed!

Time for an elected school board PURE


is building out in the communities that it's time for an elected school

board and time to take total power of the schools away from the Mayor.

More on Obama and Education in Chicago Class Size Matters

"We wanted him to take up the LSC cause more vigorously than he did, and

he disappointed us from time to time, but never on anything major."

Chinatown school celebrates Year of the Rat Medill Reports

Chicago elementary school students usher in the Chinese New Year.

Chicago OLPC Community Meetup Success

OLPC users who share Friendly green computers were tucked

under numerous arms.

CPS Saps My Energy Barking At Kathy

Over the last few days, I've been thinking about what we've gained by

sticking with that decision.

Beer Chicago Teacher man

Which of your teachers would you most want to have a beer


Clinton, Obama, NCLB and the state of the Union Mike Klonsky

Frankly, I can't see any real difference between Clinton's and Obama's

positions on NCLB.

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