Around The Blogs -- A Weekly Roundup

A roundup of blog posts about CPS, for better and for worse:

Here's what I mean about honesty Chicago Teacher Man


probably would never have noticed that error, so if she hadn't said

anything, she could've kept the few extra points (which are really

negligible as far as her overall grade). I feel like I should reward

her honesty, but I'm not sure how.

Jay at Chicago Public Schools Instructor

Jay conducted his externship with the Chicago Public schools. He is pictured with several of his students as he was displaying proper spreading and cutting techniques with baked goods.

Why are ed conservatives jumping ship? Small Talk

Is Milton Friedman turning in his grave?

Bill Ayers on the militarization of Chicago's schools Illinoize

Bill Ayers's blog taking on Mayor Daley over ROTC programs in Chicago High Schools: Mayor

Daley’s claim that “[military programs] provide… students with the

order and discipline that is too often lacking at home” taps into and

fuels racialized perceptions and fears of unruly black and brown

families and youth. They must be controlled, regulated, and made docile

for their own good and for ours. hmmm... unruly black and brown youths.

Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz (above), a teacher at Carl Schurz High School in

Chicago, Illinois, was surprised on October 10, 2007 with a $25,000

Milken Educator Award for being an outstanding teacher.

CPS - Building my trust with each botched mailingViva La Feminista

The deadline to submit one's application to magnet and gifted programs for Fall 2008 for the Chicago Public Schools was December 21, 2007. The CPS school directory showed up at our daycare yesterday

Obama's Kids Go to A Private School as CPS Loses 41,000 StudentsNAlert

Barack Obama will not be helping stem the decline because his kids go to this private school.

If you know any other blogs that focus on Chicago Public Schools, or even touch on school issues occasionally, let all of us know!

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