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Detour, part 2 Chicago Teacher Man

Sometime in December, I decided

that this was it. I told my principal I wasn't coming

back, asked for a letter of recommendation. I told everyone that I was

moving to California, either to the sunshine of San Diego or my friends

in the Bay Area. I soon discovered that this might

not be the best year to move to California.

CPS Professional Development DLIS


Thursday, June 12, CPS grant participants were provided with a special

professional development opportunity which took them on a field trip to

various Second Life educational sims.

Two more takes on youth violence Community Beat


people on the street who know the neighborhood and are trained to

interrupt violence works," wrote Kelleher and Lyon. "How many more

times will we leave young men like Jason Gill to play the odds before

we have the strength to do what we know is right?"

Minus 800,000 Residents in Last 56 Years Daily Observer

Since the year 2000,

according to Census estimates, Chicago again continued its population

decline with a loss of 63,000 from 2000 to 2006 leaving a total of


Obama Opposes McCain School Voucher Plan Daily Observer


on the same day that he was extolling the need to shake up the “status

quo” in education, Obama also defended his opposition to school


Foreclosures and subsidized tenants CMW Newstip


tenants with Section 8 rental subsidies are increasingly facing

eviction from properties going into foreclosure — often with no

warning, and with fewer protections than other renters have.

Educating children in a "fireball" ?? Small Talk

The question facing educators is, where does school reform, democratic education and small schools fit into this picture?

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