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I wish there were more Chicago education blogs for me to read and link to, but here's what I could round up:

This is for ALL LSCs! 2008 Summit called PURE Blog

The Summit takes place on August 23 from 10 am to 2 pm at the UIC Illinois Room, 750 S. Halsted.

Reminder - Parent Education class tomorrow night. Drummond Blog



This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow evening from 6 to 7:30pm is

the first in a series of three classes that our NCLB committee has set

up for our parents to better understand Montessori education.

Different lede for the AFT Convention PreaPrez

The AFT may have finally endorsed Obama, but to Leo what’s most important is that Hillary spoke to them.

D gets the money Chicago Teacher Man


final update on D, my student whose laptop was stolen and then replaced

by readers of this blog (click on the label below to follow the entire


Puzzle of the Week: Block Party Organizing Marshfield Tattler


friends, I've gone and done it. Put my foot right smack in the middle

of block politics. I had a nice thing going here for almost four years,

but now here we go.

When Playing Outside Is A Rarity Violence Project

The Chicago Defender recently published a compelling cover story about

one mother’s struggle to protect her son from the influence of gangs in

their neighborhood.

Ed '08...vouchers...NEA...Obama Small Talk


bloggers tried to make much of scattered boos Obama received when he

mentioned merit pay. But teachers who were at the meeting told me that

way too much was made of it.

I Miss Heart Chicago Moms Blog

Now that Hart has been away

almost a month, the honeymoon period at his residential school is over.

Missing teen's family presses Chicago cops

It has been nearly six months since Yasmin Acree, a freshman at Austin Polytechnical Academy, went missing.

School of Choice (Collin Hitt)


1997, Chicago International Charter School (CICS) opened its doors as

part of a bold new experiment in public education.

Excellent Websites for Teachers, Parents, and Kids Tim Shanahan


thing I learned when I was director of reading for the Chicago Public

Schools was that teachers’ appetites for resources, support, and

professional development in reading were insatiable.

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