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'This is a GOOD block party' Marshfield Tattler


we all survived the block party, as proven by the few photos I managed

to shoot near the end of the night, when I could stop running around.

Farewell Ms. Gonzalez Drummond Blog

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students:

This is a difficult letter to write as I announce the departure of one

of our original Montessori teachers, and a good friend, Ms. Maria Luisa

Gonzalez. Ms. Gonzalez has been offered and has accepted a wonderful

new challenge at Suder Montessori where she will become the new

director [...]

Rhee’s cynical tenure-for-pay swap. Small Talk


school chief Michelle Rhee’s proposal to swap teacher tenure rights for

significant pay increase, might seem reasonable and even attractive, in

the short run, especially to younger teachers.

More Violence, Less Playtime Violence Project

Kudos to the Chicago Sun-Times for their extensive piece on how the

increased violence is affecting children in neighborhoods where much of

this violence is taking place. Although I thought it could have gone

further in-depth in writing about the violence as a generational cycle,

they did a great a job in letting the [...]

Watch for PURE in Obama-McCain education policy story PURE Blog

If you get the Sunday New York Times here in Chicago, look in the Chicago Life magazine supplement for PURE comments on the Obama-McCain positions on education.

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