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Once around the Chicago education blogs: Chicago Teacher man says he used to like report card pickup days, but no longer (Report card pick-up day). He also waxes nostalgic over the days when kids still passed notes in class (Caught ). Over at the Marshfield Tattler, Maritza describes the recent protest in her neighborhood (Today's March Against Violence). She paraphrases the Mayor as saying"I don't care if they're Two-Sixers or Latin Kings or Black P Stones or Disciples, or who--you have to tell us what you know." Over at the Tribune, Eric Zorn details Evanston/ Skokie school district plans to ignore `moment of silence' mandate. Chicagoist lightens up the mood by telling us how some teens are getting their booze by delivery (Peapod Sales Spike to Under 21s). Meanwhile NewsTips tells us about how hard it is to find veggies in some parts of town (Finding Food in Englewood). Mike Klonsky catches us up on the latest small schools thinking (Redesigning learning in smaller schools). He was there before Gates, and he's still there now. Pritzker elementary's website has something useful linked: High School Open House 2007 Schedule available on-line! Last but not least, the PURE 20th anniversary is December 3 (Come help us celebrate 20 years of PURE success!).

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