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100th Day of SchoolCaitlyn's World

I don't remember ever "celebrating" it

when I was in school. I only heard about when I graduated and got my

first job. And let me tell you, it is crazy business!! And these kids

are way serious about it.

Who will stand up for the kids? Small Talk

It’s important to remember that these tests are mandated under NCLB and

schools with large ELL populations will be open to punitive measures,

including teacher firings and school closings when their scores drop

because their student...

Teen Fatally Shot In Argument Over BoyIt's My Mind


has got to be very sad. A girl willing to kill another girl over some

dude! These stories aren't that common thankfully, but it's all so


Go out and play!ChiKat


all my complaining about Chicago public schools, I thought I should

mention some of the greatest things about being a parent in this city.

Six months? What about now? PURE

The Sun-Times is giving CPS six months to prove that the decision made by the Board of Education yesterday was the right one. I say we can't wait that long.

Bringing Parents Into School Planning Community Beat

The latest round of plans are due in early April. Getting

parents involved in the planning can be a challenge.

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