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Giving ISAT tests in English to kids who don't speak English Small talk


Chicago today, they’re testing kids who don’t speak English in English.

Gee, I wonder how they’ll do?

Small schools lawsuit moves ahead - Be there! PURE

PURE's lawsuit is

moving ahead. The first hearing will be held at 10:00 a.m. on

Wednesday, March 12, at the federal courthouse on Dearborn and Jackson,

Room 2301, before Judge Sophia Hall.

Strategies Chicago Teacher Man


the last couple of years I have become my school's go-to guy when it

comes to standardized testing. Don't ask how or why. But when someone

in the building has a question about the ACT, I'm consulted.

School that got Pilgrim funds lost sex case It's My Mind

I don't know but the sad thing is now this money that

was supposed to go to Pilgram Church as promised by the governor two

years ago after the historic Louis Sullivan designed building was

burned as a shell of its former self was sent to this school and now

taxpayer's money might be taken as a spoil in a lawsuit.

"Child Abuse" in America Chicagoist

Deerfield high school will continue to offer Angels in America, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, as an “opt-in” book for their Advanced Placement course for graduating seniors.

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