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Here are some education-related posts from local blogs -- some you'll like, some you'll hate:

Quick look at final LSC numbers PURE Blog


good news is that nearly all the schools now have enough candidates to

form LSCs. Good work by CPS and independent groups! We started out with

nearly 60 on the "critical list"; the final number on CPS's list as of

today is down to 10. The schools are:

Well, we got a letter in the Southwest Observer

Both Beverly and Mt Greenwood are in need of a high school, it really should be remedied so that our kids have somewhere to go. It is hardly fair that we all just grit our teeth and send our kids to private school with no option. In any other area, this would be unacceptable, but because we are in the city, we are the lowest priority.

Live from New York... Small Talk

New AERA leaders include two of my favorites—Carol Lee, the new president elect, and Bill Ayers, one of the newly elected VPs. Both Chicagoans. Congratulations, Carol and Bill. But my best NY moment came when I got to meet Debbie Almontaser, the dynamic principal of Kahlil Gibran International Academy who was forced out of her leadership position at the new Arab language and culture public school by a rabid anti-Muslim campaign.

Race & My Formative Years Barking At Kathy

In the mid-1970s—when I was in sixth grade—the only

African-American child in our class and I were the shortest kids in the

room. For every line-up, every assembly, every class photo, this boy

and I stood side by side. Funny how one gets to know a person.

What Makes A Bully? Chicago Moms Blog


far, my son’s weathered taunts of “nerd,” “retard” and other names in

junior high. In chorus class, the kid who was tossing pencils at the

back of his head was moved to the other side of the room. Nothing...

Babysitting AgainSecond City Cop

Despite an enormous police presence, including a special escort for

ABLA kids to and from the West Side school, nearly half of the students

at Crane didn't show up for classes Monday -- the first day back after

spring break. Is this really the most judicious use of taxpayer dollars?

If there are other blogs that I'm missing, please let me know. I'm trying to provide a broad picture of what's going on in education -- teachers, parents, neighborhood leaders, etc.

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