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Cancel my subscription Chicago Teacher Man

Even though

every once in a while a killing does happen outside a school or maybe

on a bus after school, they're not happening IN the schools. So why

does the press insist on connecting the killings to the schools? Why

not say it's a city problem? Or, if you want to be more precise, a poor inner-city problem? What do the schools have to do with it?

School's out Clout City

The gripes and grilling came during a meeting of the City Council's education committee--seemingly an appropriate venue for aldermen to have a public exchange with top school leaders.

It's also a relatively unused one. Over the last year, by my count...the education committee has met three times. In other words, once before this week.

It's Just So... Public Chicago Moms


never thought I'd send my children to public school. I grew up in the

public school system and did just fine- benefiting from advanced

programs and classes- but when I became a parent, it just seemed the

right thing...

Gun control


legislators try every year to approve gun control measures. They

narrowly rejected two this afternoon, and they could get another chance

to vote on another measure Thursday. The effort highlights the striking

fact that 20 Chicago Public School students have been killed by gun

violence this year.

Arne: "No we Aren't" PURE

Arne Duncan’s defensive, dishonest response to my Sun-Times editorial last week on school violence is a perfect example of the arrogant, irresponsible attitude that has become a wholly-owned trademark of the Mayor’s school leadership teams.

Please let me know if you know anyone else who writes about their school experiences -- teachers, students, administrators, counselors.

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