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Gun limits: Why not? Eric Zorn

Long-time readers will know that I'm fairly skeptical about most measures that fall under the general heading of "gun control."

And Howe!


wasn’t the best of times, it wasn’t the worst of times; for the Ray

School chess squad it was somewhere in between at yesterday’s

tournament at the Julia Ward Howe School on the West Side, organized

and directed by the Youth Chess Foundation of Chicago.

LSC voting basics for Wednesday and Thursday PURE Blog

LSC Election Procedures for Parent and Community Representatives

Daley pitches youth violence program but specifics in short supply

Mayor Richard Daley announced an effort

Thursday to study and combat youth violence involving the city,

University of Chicago and philanthropists, but neither he nor

professors could provide specifics about what kind of programs might


Solutions to violence: complicated and layered Community Beat


15 years ago when my kids were attending Kilmer Elementary in Rogers

Park, a teenager was shot and killed less than 50 yards from the

school, which is across the street from Sullivan High School.

Bell ringer Chicago Teacher man

Non-teachers often tell me that I have incredible hours:

the school day begins at 8, ends at 2:55. "You've got so much free

time," they say. But when I add in the hours I'm at school before and

after the bell, plus the work on the weekends, I'm pretty sure I work

more than they do.

Do Something Good... Comments From The Peanut Gallery


am walking in the fight against autism at Walk Now for Autism, joining

tens of thousands of other people united by a single cause and

dedicated to raising money to find a cure for autism.

Media take back photo rights from IHSA Michael Miner (Reader)

The Illinois High School Association caves to the Illinois Press Association.

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