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Honor Roll Chicago Teacher man

A big THANK YOU to the following people who donated $875 in about 12 hours this week to replace my student's stolen laptop:

LSC Election results Drummond Blog


schools across the city held their LSC elections today and Drummond’s

was particularly popular. We had 10 parents and 4 community members

throw their name in the hat to represent you and our students here at


Major election problems - updated with election challenge details PURE Blog


don't remember an LSC election with so many serious problems. We would

not be surprised if there are a record number of election challenges.

SEIU—Organizing the unorganizedSmall Talk (Mike Klonsky)


with 1.9 million members, has become a powerful and dynamic force and a

voice for some of the country’s most exploited workers. Now that the

union and its president, Andy Stern have taken an

interest in organizing charter school teachers, you may want to get

yourself up to snuff on SEIU and Stern by reading Bradford Plummer’s“Labor’s Lost Love,” in the current New Republic. Stern supports Steve Barr’sGreen Dot Schools and the Los Angeles Parents Union, an organization of

concerned parents pushing for the transformation of LA’s failing


School Bus Chaser Chicago Moms Blog


heard of lawyers chasing ambulances, but today I experienced my first

school bus chaser: the ice cream man. No sooner had my sons' school bus

turned the corner to drop off at their stop when I hear the familiar...

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