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I'm a Stinker Chicago Moms Blog

As a teacher, something's got to give. The

students are jonesing to get out; spring fever is an epidemic; and

spring break was way too early this year.

Barack Obama "worked" for Bill Ayers for eight years? Lone Wacko


this: In 1995, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was created to raise

funds to help reform the Chicago public schools. One of the architects

of the Challenge was none other than Professor Bill Ayers.

Chicago CPS Charity Basketball Weekend @ Chicago State University May 16th-18th


has hooked up with Chicago public schools to form a basketball for

charity event that will be held at Chicago State University on May


Chicago school boards - 1837 to present PURE


we launched the petition drive for an elected school board, lots of

folks have been asking if Chicago has ever had an elected school board.

Final seconds tell the tale for mathletes Eric Zorn

The actual moment of truth Saturday lasted 8 seconds, but the

suspense had been building for about an hour: Would Naperville North

High School's unprecedented 10-year reign as Illinois State Math

Contest champions continue?

Democracy At Risk Small Talk (Mike Klonsky)

Looking back 25 years the Nation At Riskreport, a group of prominent educators and policy experts who have

launched effective alternative schools, charter schools, and school

improvement networks took aim at current failed administration policies

which have strangled education reform, called for a Marshall Plan for public education.

Buried in extra-credit rice Chicago Teacher Man


think we donated so much rice that all those poor people around the

world are going to get fat," one of my students announced the other day.

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