Arne's Daughter: Public Or Private School?

There's been lots of commentary and speculation on this site on and off during the past few weeks about where Arne's daughter goes to school.  Many assume that, since Arne is part of the evil Hyde Park mafia, his daughter would be at the private Lab School, where the toilets are made of gold.  And who knows, at some point she may. 

I'm not sure whether this is the most important issue facing CPS, though I understand its emotional and symbolic meaning.  Vallas sent his kids to parochial, as I recall.  Not sure about Chico.  I think Scott and Williams, the recent board presidents, have both been from and sent their kids to CPS.

It's not just an issue for CPS folks.  There's also the question of where CTU leaders (and those who would be) send their children.

In any case, I'm assured by CPS and others that she attends a local CPS preschool. Case solved.  Now, back to the infighting, name-calling, and finger-pointing that makes this site so delightful and informative.

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