Arne & Marilyn Do National TV News Show

Chicago Publc Schools head defends school closing proposal AP

In an appearance on CNN last night with Chicago

Teachers Union president Marilyn Stewart, Duncan said that when a

handful of schools aren't improving and are resisting efforts at

reform, it's important to deal openly with them. He called it "a moral


Duncan defends school closings Sun Times

“These are teachers who are not resistant to change. They’re resisting

in creating instability in an already unstable neighborhood,” Stewart

said. “. . . If you can’t keep these talented teachers in the system,

there’s something wrong with the plan.”


Watching the CNN segment, a couple of things jumped out at me. Trying to make sure that no one thinks CPS is Detroit or something, Arne tried to cast the proposal as a targeted effort in an otherwise-improving school system. But the segment -- and the CTU rhetoric -- focused on whether CPS was "blaming" teachers or not. The CNN correspondent kept hyping the conflict calling the proposal "extreme" and paraphrasing everyone's responses in the most inflammatory ways possible.

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