April Board Meeting Agenda & New Restrictions On Picture-Taking

Here is the agenda for the April board meeting (PDF), scheduled for the 23rd. Let us know if you see anything interesting in there. Here is the action report for last month's meeting (here).

Below are new rules for media that were sent out last week. As you will see, they require CPD credentials to take pictures -- I have no idea what that entails but I know I don't have them -- and ban still or moving pictures outside of designated spaces.


Bill for 2 new high schools, 6 elementaries: $455 mil. Chicago Sun-Times


tight-money times, the two new high schools only have "the luxuries we

can afford,'' said Chicago Public Schools spokesman Michael Vaughn.

Charter school banking on second expansion plan CTDN


Chicago Board of Education will vote on expanding the L.E.A.R.N.

charter school at the Chalmers Elementary campus on the West Side. An

earlier expansion plan was rejected.

From CPS:

Chicago Board

of Education

Media Rules

During public meetings of the

Chicago Board of Education, media representatives are welcome to sit

in the board chambers in the area designated for them.

To minimize disruption, those

photographers who have been credentialed by the Chicago Police Department

will be allowed to videotape or photograph the meeting from only two

designated areas in the chambers – a secured area on the east side

of the board members and the center back wall. Photographers

must display the CPD credentials to gain access to the secured area.

Space inside the secured area

allows for only six photographers to be in it at a time. All other

photographers must set up against the center back wall until a spot

within the secured area opens. Access will be monitored by someone

from the Office of Communications and granted on a first-come basis.

Photographers may move between

the two designated areas, but may not take photos or video between the

two areas, or in other areas of the Board Chamber

Any media representative who

breaches the secured areas of the board chambers without the permission

of security can be removed from the meeting.

Members of the media, and the

general public, are asked to enter the chambers through the west entrance

and exit through the east entrance.

Questions about media access

to the board chambers should be directed to Celeste Garrett, Chicago

Public Schools director of Communications, at 773.553.1620.

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