Appointed & Interim Principals

While I've gotten the impression that the number of non-LSC principals (appointeds and interims, as well as non-LSC schools) has skyrocketed in recent years between probation and Ren10, someone told me today that there are currently fewer than two dozen principals who were appointed by the Board, and that -- again contrary to conventional wisdom -- LSCs at schools on probation retain their principal hiring authority unless their principal is removed under a certain, relatively uncommon set of circumstances.  Is this right?

Also, is there an easy or centralized way to get the names of LSC members and their phone numbers, or is this still a matter of national security?  I thought we'd gotten past that, but may be wrong.  Do you know better?

UPDATE:  Per Julie's email below, here's the spreadsheet of LSC members -- with addresses but no phone numbers, alas.  You can download it, or let us know if there's a more recent or better way to go (LSClist06.xls).

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  • You are right about LSC maintaining the right to select principals of schools on probation unless the principal has been removed as a result of probation status after a hearing, and that has not happened often.

    LSC members' telephone numbers are not public information. The telephone numbers provided by LSC candidates are only used internally.

    LSC names and addresses are public information and can be obtained from CPS, though not "easily". I'll e-mail the excel file to Alexander Russo so that he can post it.

    The now-defunct LSC Summit asked CPS to post information like this on their web site to improve communications with and among LSCs but they have not done so.

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