Another W-2 Form Snafu?

From CTU: "How many times do important mailings have to be sent to the wrong places before the Board asks whether or not the persons responsible for the errors are competent?   One would have thought, after the gross error on the mailing to all the people who were on COBRA, that these very same people would have been exceptionally careful not to make another such mistake with Social Security numbers, but here it is only two months later and another mishap has taken place, this time with some of the W-2 forms being sent to the wrong schools.  Duplicate forms were sent to the correct schools and school clerks were asked to return the ones of those not at their schools to the Board.  The Board should have waited until the originals were returned. At that time they could have resent them.  Can our members rest assured that their original W-2s were returned to the Board?

This is outrageous and must stop.  We expect some answers!"

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