Another Day, Another Shooting (From Tuesday)

Student_violence2 teens shot on school grounds Sun Times
Two teens were shot -- one critically wounded -- Monday afternoon in
what appeared to be a gang-related shooting in a South Side school yard.

2 teens shot near South Side school Tribune
Two teenage boys were shot and wounded as they walked near a South Side elementary school Monday afternoon, police said.

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  • Has anyone noticed that the outcry in the press against violence against youth is amplified when the youth who was shot is an honor roll student or a star athlete?

    I understand it to some extent, I guess most people assume that such students will be more likely to succeed when the grow up so their deaths seem more tragic. Or maybe it's just that many reporters are former honor roll students so feel more of a connection with the honor roll student.

    I just can't seem to shake the feeling that every death or shooting of an innocent student ought to be protested and protested loudly and mightily.

  • Kids who shoot at other people, commit non-petty crimes, intentionally flash gang signals, or are in gangs and telegraph that information, make choices that result in their untimely ends, so no, I don't feel the same way about non-innocent kids.

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